Man Gives CPR To Dog And Saves The Dog’s Life

I can’t even imagine how horrifying it would be to see your pet lying breathless on the grass. This dog owner is starting to lose hope when a man shows up and begins to revive the dog applying CPR. Within seconds, the dog begins

Twin Baby Boys Have The Most Delightful Conversation

Grayson and Griffin are two twin brothers that like to talk a lot. Their mom claims they like to exchange some giddy words before their bedtime and their conversations are always entertaining. This time, she decided to record them so the Internet could enjoy

Dolphin Plays Catch With Little Kid

After watching this video several times, we still can’t figure it out. Who is playing catch with whom? Is the little boy throwing the red ball for the dolphin, or is the dolphin having the kid run around? At 0:55, watch the look the

Heroic Woman Saves Dog Caught In An Elevator

The elevator’s camera recorded the footage of this intense moment. Tamara Seibert went into the elevator with her 2 dogs. She didn’t notice that the leash of one of her dogs got caught in the elevator door. Desperately, she tried to help him and