What This Man Does With His Pizza Is Priceless

They came up with a really cool social experiment. The idea was to test out whether or not random strangers would share their food. No surprise at the responses they get at first, but then they find someone special that surprises them.

Majestic Peacock Gets Checked Out By A Curious Kitten

For a little kitten, seeing a peacock with its glorious feathers has to be a very strange experience. The colorful, feathery peacock walks onto this woman’s porch and the kitten has to check it out. Although the peacock looks a little unamused at first,

Who Knew This Actor Was Such An Awesome Guy?

Here’s probably something you didn’t know about Zach Galifianakis. Everybody knows him as a famous actor and comedian but he’s also a very kind person who likes to give back to those who helped him when he wasn’t so successful.