12 Examples Of Urban Designs That Would Be A Spectacular Addition To Just About Any City

When designers are called upon to make a public space more comfortable, their ideas are endless!  Here are some of the creative options they’ve come up with. Don’t you wish there were some of these designs in your city?  

The public bench which is also a flower bed

Urban designs1

Urban designs2

The eco-friendly Wi-Fi hotspot

Urban designs3

Urban designs4

The reflective garden fence which changes appearance depending on the season

Urban designs5

Urban designs6

The glow-in-the-dark bike path in this park

Urban designs7

The pubic bench which you can turn over after it rains and sit on the dry underside

Urban designs8

These designs for a bench, staircase ramp and rain shelter

Urban designs9

The bench which is also a table

Urban designs10

The fold-out chairs which look like tulips

Urban designs11

And the alternatives to benches — public hammocks!

Urban designs12

The bus stop with swings

Urban designs13

Urban designs14

These free public battery chargers for smartphones

Urban designs15

Two uses in one: it’s both a bench and a tree guard

Urban designs16


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