128,000 Dominoes Display Breaks World Record And The Footage Is Mesmerizing!

The Guinness Book of World Records has some pretty odd world record titles. For instance, there is a world record for the most apples crushed with a bicep. I’m not sure why this is a contest or why anyone would ever want to do this, but someone did and earned the title for it. In case you were wondering, the number of apples crushed by a bicep is 8. And contrary to what you probably assume, the record holder is a woman. Linsey Linberg used to be an accountant, but now she makes a career out of impressive feats of strength like ripping entire phone books and popping water bottles.

There are also world records that prove that at least some adults are still children at heart. They take a love of something they enjoyed as a child and multiply it times a thousand. Sure, we all wanted to be good at certain games and skills when we were kids, but some people take it exceptionally far. Consider Beth Johnson for Ohio.

She must have really loved playing with her yo-yo. I bet she could do all the tricks: Cat’s Cradle, Walk The Dog, and all of those neat things that I attempted, but only managed to tangle my yo-yo string. As an adult, Beth built the world’s largest yo-yo at 11 feet, 9 inches and weighing 4,620 pounds. And it actually works (if you’re a giant).

The there are the folks that played with dominoes as children and decided to contruct this astounding dominoes display using 128,000 dominoes. Watching it fall is extremely satisfying and also tells a story of history and the world. It had the audience cheering and I didn’t want it to end.

This amazing feat of skill and construction deserves to be liked and shared with your family and friends!

Source: 128,000 Dominoes topple over in only minutes – Breaks 2 Guinness World Records! by ahmeds on Rumble