4-year-old doesn’t like to be called a princess, has a hilarious reason why

Joanna in one adorable and cute four-year-old girl. Dressed in a beautiful gown, it’s easy to think Joanna looks like a beautiful princess, but don’t make the mistake of calling her one. This little girl does not like to be called a princess, and she is quick to let you know that.In the video below, Joanna was invited to appear on an episode of “Little Big Shots” hosted by Steve Harvey. Her father posted a video of Joanna that went viral on the Internet earlier last year. In that video, Joanna’s father calls her a princess, and she quickly lists off reasons why she doesn’t deserve to be a princess. For starters, Joanna doesn’t have the right dress nor does she have a headband or sparkly bracelet. Without these crucial accessories, there’s no way Joanna can be a princess! She even recommends her father watch video of princesses to recognize the difference. It’s a hilarious segment that will have you laughing out loud!

Watch as Steve Harvey talks to Joanna about her video. She has adorable answers for the crowd. This is highly entertaining!

Source: Shareably.net