5 elderly siblings live together in the same nursing home, show us the true meaning of family

Though we meet many people throughout the course of our lives, the saying goes that nobody really knows us as well as our siblings. For children coming out of big families, your brothers and sisters form a super squad that always has your back and who you can share inside jokes with. While some of us get to live with our siblings as adults, most of us don’t. Even fewer of us get to live with our siblings again in our old age. If that sounds like fun to you, this story is sure to warm your heart.

At the small Jeffrey and Susan Brudnick Center for Living in Peabody, Massachusetts, the five surviving siblings out of a family of 11 kids are spending their golden years together. The seniors in question are Mary Cena, 92; Carmen Wesala, 98; Lawrence Mallia, 90; Georgia Southwick, 93; and Lucy O’Brien, 85. These brothers and sisters haven’t all been together in the same place for over 70 years.


“We are all just so happy to be together again,” Cena says. “I just wish my other brothers and sisters could have experienced this with us.” Despite their reunion, the siblings had still been close in recent years—in fact, they would often play weekly bridge games together or else make other trips to visit one another.

Part of their closeness goes all the way back to 1970, when four of the five kids worked together at their own family-owned grocery store until 1978. Though all five now have different schedules and different medical appointments to keep track of at the facility, the staff say they all spend lots of time with one another and are the closest of friends.

For her part, Betsy Mullen, the chief operating officer for the facility’s parent company, says she’s never seen anything like it in her entire career. “I’ve had sisters together. I’ve had brothers, husbands and wives, mothers and daughters,” she says. “This is so unusual. I’ve never seen the likes of it.”

The love in this family is enough to inspire anybody and it serves as a reminder of the importance of family. As time goes on, it’s easy to focus on small slights and differences that accumulate in families drive wedges between us. As this story shows, we need to not sweat the small stuff and maybe we can have a 24/7 party with our siblings in old age as well. Check out the full story here.