A 10-Year-Old Walks With This Deer Every Morning Before School. The Reason? I’m In Tears!

When it comes to wild animals, we are often taught to stay away, as they could be dangerous. But sometimes, those creatures are in need of our help. There are so many incredible stories of struggling wild animals who are saved by random acts of kindness, like this baby fox who is rescued after being caught in a net.

Neighbors posted a photo of this 10-year-old boy walking a blind deer from yard to yard. This was a morning ritual for the boy each day before school. Because the deer could not see, the boy took it upon himself to escort her to different grass patches in the neighborhood to make sure she could find food.


“An IDNR licensed wildlife rehabilitation group picked up the deer in a horse trailer a few hours ago. They’re the only people who are legally able to treat and shelter a deer in Illinois. Half the neighborhood came out to see it, including the young boy and his mom. I will follow up with the facility to see how the deer is doing soon.”

While it is sad that the boy will no longer have his morning companion, support has been overwhelming for the kind boy and for the neighbors who were able to get the deer assistance.

The post continued:

“For those of you who are upset about this boys feelings about the deer going away for licensed treatment: His concern was very mature. He had only been walking the deer for a few days and hadn’t named her or tried to claim her as a pet or anything like that. Neither did he shelter her indoors or leave food outside for her which is against the law in our state. He just wanted her to be ok and was relieved to know she would be safe.

When they took her away I spoke to some more people and it sounds like the rest of the neighborhood has been feeding her and guiding her away the road for almost a week now. The little boy was by far the sweetest example of helping and caring. He showed a lot of love and respect and my wife and I are going to talk to his mom about a way she would want to see his act of kindness rewarded. We are going to frame this photo for them and offer to take him to the local wildlife preserve whenever he wants to go.”

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Source: Littlethings.com