A Simple Lake House In New York Turns Into An Incredible Ice Palace

On Sunday, a photographer named John Kucko came across a very peculiar find, when he visited a remote spot in Webster, New York that is located near the shoreline of Lake Ontario.

The reason John often frequents the area, is in order to take a few sunset photographs. However, on this specific day, it was not the magnificent sunset that caught his eye.

Read below to find out more.

Ice house

What John Kucko found is a beach house that is entirely covered in ice, making it look like something out of a fantasy movie.

The cause

According to CNN, the home’s state is the result of freezing winter temperatures, paired with the moisture of the nearby lakes and the persistent high winds of late.

Other contributing factors

As per CBS News, “[t]his house, unlike neighboring houses facing the lake, doesn’t have a retaining wall. Therefore, the freezing temperatures combined with water and wind coated the house in layers of ice.”

Slammed by the public

After making the initial discover, John Kucko decided to post a few photographs he took of the house on his Facebook page. However, not long after posting the images, Kucko was accused of ‘photoshopping’ the snaps as they looked too unrealistic for many to believe them to be real.

More proof

In response to the accusations, John Kucko then decided to post the above 30 second follow up video on his page, as proof of his find.

An added tweet just to make sure

John also turned to Twitter to post the above tweet as further proof of the images’ legitimacy.

Even more accusations

As if John’s proof was not enough, new allegations have started to flare up regarding him and the ‘ice house’, in that some people are now accusing him of “hosing down the house to create this viral sensation“.

Debbie Nel