Adele Wants To Achieve An Ideal Size Before Her Wedding Day

Adele will be tying the knot with her fiance, Simon Konecki, pretty soon. Although, the date isn’t out yet, but the singer is doing her best to drop a few pounds before the big day.
She’s already started to follow her diet plan and she wants to become a new woman by the time the nuptials will be done.

So, what’s the new diet goal? Keep reading to find out.

She’s been working on a diet plan since last August.


She never wanted to be a stick figure, but she definitely wants to drop a few pounds before her wedding day.

She wants to be a size 10 or 12.


She has made up her own diet plan which is pretty balanced in nature.

She hasn’t restricted herself.


Even though she created her own diet plan, she did not deprive herself of anything.

That’s a good way to go.


Her goal is to look and feel healthy on her wedding day.

She has switched to healthier and more organic food.


She still eats portions of the foods she likes, but she maintains a limit to it.

She’s cooking as well.


Adele’s a very good cook and she’s avoiding diary and gluten as much as she can.

Vegetables are officially a part of her diet.


She loves smoothies, so that’s how she mixes up all her vegetables along with some coconut water.

We hope Adele reaches her weight goals by the wedding date.


Everything apart, Simon Konecki will think she’s gorgeous, no matter what.

Source – wittyfeed