Bride And Groom Go To Say Vows. Suddenly Priest Interrupts, Tells Confused Parents To Stand Up

Getting married is arguably the most important day of one’s life. Men and women alike spend countless hours preparing the perfect day decorated with flowers and good friends, so that they can celebrate the love that they have for another human being. It’s a moment that is remembered for decades and enjoyed by many.

So when a young couple was planning their big day, they wanted to involve four other people into the ceremony so that they too could remember the special event and feel the love that was being shared. It was an unexpected twist for sure, but one that was greatly appreciated by all.

The video starts out just like any other beautiful wedding, with the couple standing before a minister who is about to marry them. But before they’re asked to say “I do”, something else happens.

The minister asks the bride and groom’s parents to stand up and asks them how long they have been married for. The couples reply respectively, both of which announce that they’ve been together for over 30 years. The minister then announces that on this lovely day, he would be renewing both of the couples’ vows, along with the bride and groom, if they so wished. The minister admits that he had never done something like this before, but accepted the bride and groom’s request as he thought it was a beautiful idea.

As both couples wholeheartedly agree, the minister ends the day by having performed not one but three weddings. The couple admitted that they wanted to give praise to their parents because they had been such a great influence in their lives. They wanted to make their special day not just about them but also about the people that showed them what real love was.

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