Couple Discovers Abandoned Brick House On Their Property, Then Notices It’s Sized For Children

We’ve featured many tiny homes on LittleThings, but we’ve never seen anything like this before. In 2000, Matt and Anna Jones purchased a large house in Brick, New Jersey. At the time they bought it, they had no idea that they were inheriting another home of sorts… a fully-decorated mini house with items you’d expect to find, like tables, chairs and kitchen cabinets. However, there was something striking about the items inside.

The Jones were stunned to discover this “guest” house was only three and a half feet in height. Anna, who stands at 5’3, towered over the structure without a clue as to what it was ever used for.

In 2000, Anna and Matt Jones purchased a corner lot home in Brick, New Jersey. They had no idea their big house came with this smaller ranch-style brick cottage.
 Anna and Matt were even more surprised to learn the cottage wasn’t even four feet tall!

The tiny house was already decorated with furniture. From the tables and chairs to shower and fireplace, everything inside were items found in a typical home — only smaller.

The couple soon became to privy to the town’s theories behind the strange dwelling. Some people said it once belonged to little people who worked in the circus nearby.

Others were convinced a family of dwarves still lived there.


But Anna eventually learned the truth: This one-bedroom cottage was built in the 1960s, and the original owners built it as a playhouse for their beloved grandchildren.

Sure, the interior may look creepy to some, but what kid wouldn’t love to have fun inside his or her own little playhouse?

Over the years, the Jones’s have enjoyed decorating the playhouse for holidays like Halloween and Christmas.