Daughter Finds Mom’s Lost Wedding Photo In Window, Then Screams When She Looks Around The Store

Jane Fine Foster wasn’t planning on stepping inside A Robin’s Nest, an antique shop located in Grand Junction, Colorado. However, that changed when she saw her mother’s 1948 wedding photo shining in the shop’s window display. That wasn’t the only discovery she made that day.

Jane rushed into the store, trying to grasp just exactly what was going on. She kept blinking, wondering if she was really staring at a picture of her own mother.

She hadn’t seen the photo for over a decade, when her family forgot to make a payment on a storage locker and all of their belongings were auctioned off.

In the video below, posted in February 2017, Jane asks, “Why would I be downtown and just happen to be in that block and happen to see it? It just boggles my mind.”

Then, she laid eyes on something even more amazing: her mother’s wedding dress, wrapped in pieces of newspaper dated June 22, 1948.