Exhausted Mom Barely Has Time To Eat Dinner, Then Waiter Takes Toddler To Another Table

Katie Donaldson brought her 2-year-old, Pixie, to a pizza shop called Dough in Manchester, England. Little did she know she was walking into an incredible act of kindness. The mother was with her friends, and Pixie was being a bit of a picky eater.

Like any good mother, Katie remained attentive to her little one, who asked for a Mickey Mouse pizza cut into tiny squares, seltzer water, crayons, and the undivided attention of their water, whom she called “the beautiful man.”

Pixie even demanded the waiter be the one to cut the pizza for her. Shockingly, he cut up the pizza without hesitation. He even came in to check on Pixie every 10 minutes. Still, Katie’s food was getting cold. She had to keep the crayons in order, calm Pixie down when she had tantrums after coloring out of the lines, and make sure the baby girl ate.

Source: Littlethings.com