Having A Bad Day? This Bunch Of Babies Who Look Like Old Folks Should Brighten Your Day!

Not all babies look like they do in the movies and on TV. In those scenes when an exhausted mom is handed her lovely, plump ‘newborn’ baby, the kid you see is usually a few months old. This is because new born babies are considered too fragile to use on film sets.

In reality, a lot of newborn babies look a bit like wrinkly old folks. That’s because they’ve been swimming around in a bag of fluid for nine months. Just imagine they’ve spent a little too long in the tub. It takes a little time to iron out the creases!

“Hey! Anyone seen my false teeth?”


“I hate filling out my tax return!”


“It’s a little cold in here. Can somebody check the heating?”


“I don’t like that outfit you’re wearing!”


“Now what did I come in this room for again?”


“These young people don’t know they’re born!”


“Hmm. I think I could eat another of those cookies you’ve got over there!”


“Back in my day, things were a lot better!”


“Hey! You kids! Get off my property!”


“I’m just so disappointed in you, dear.”


“Say what now, son?”