He Suffers A Near Fatal Brain Injury… His Path To Recovery? Strange And Miraculous!

Draper, Utah. Juan Diego High School student Pete Benda is swapping out a lightbulb in the school theater. He’s in a lift 30ft in the air when a fault causes the thing to plummet to the floor. Pete hits his head. He’s injured. Badly injured. He’s rushed to hospital and doctors look him over, The prognosis is not good. Pete has a brain injury. A ‘shear’ brain injury. He was slipping into a vegetative state. His family, understandably, were worried sick.

A team of therapists began working with Pete with a new way of thinking. Their attitude was to work on the assumption that his recovery was more of a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’. One day, out of the blue, Pete spoke. His mother was at his bedside when she heard him croak one simple word… ‘Mom’. Hear the rest of this incredible story: