Here’s The REAL Reason For That Extra Shoelace Hole On Sneakers

If  you own a pair if tennis shoes, you might have questioned the purpose behind that extra hole at the top of the laces, that is off-set from the other holes. If you’re like me you probably just figured it was decorative since there is no obvious use for that extra hole. I always have wondered if it was for a more customizable fit with your shoe. Maybe for someone with smaller ankles. However, there IS a designated purpose that doesn’t involve decoration or ankle size. It’s actually a very useful purpose to boot! That purpose is to protect your ankle by creating a more snug fit which can also prevent blisters from forming. The hole also prevents your laces from loosening and your shoe from sliding around on your feet. This will provide better stabilization and comfort. Here are the instructions on how to tie your shoes properly, using those additional holes to form what is called a “lace lock.”

Here's The REAL Reason For That Extra Shoelace Hole On Sneakers

Lace your shoes as normal, crisscrossing as you ascend up the shoe ending with the laces coming through the 2nd to last hole. The one you usually use. Then feed the lace through the adjacent top hole creating a loop about 1.5 inches long. Repeat on the opposite side.

Here's The REAL Reason For That Extra Shoelace Hole On Sneakers

Then take the end of each shoelace and cross to the opposite side of the shoe and thread the end through the newly formed loop. Repeat with the other side then pull down snuggly. Do not pull up or the loops will not tighten, which is what supports your ankle and locks in the lace.  After snugging up the loops tie your shoes as you would have normally.

 Here is the complete video from Illumiseen, a company who sells shoe accessories, showing step by step instructions on how to do the lace lock on your shoe. And now that you know how to lock your laces you can impress your friends with your knowledge while not only improving your own safety but the safety of your friends as well!

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