How Hot Does It Get In a Car? A Vet Investigates…

We all know that it’s a bad idea to leave a dog in a parked car in the heat. ‘Dogs die in hot cars’, after all. But just how hot can they get? And what does it feel like for the poor pets that people stupidly leave in cars? Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward decided to find out and raise awareness at the same time. He locked himself in a parked car on a hot day. He even cracked all four windows in there as one might with a dog. And the results are shocking. In just a matter of minutes it’s getting stifling hot as the temperature ratchets up and up.

If you’ve ever locked a dog in a hot car, you won’t again after seeing this. And nor should you. There are serious risks with doing so. Severe dehydration is easily possible. And in many cases, dogs have actually died because of it. So sit back, watch this video and then NEVER LOCK A DOG IN A HOT CAR AGAIN!

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