HumanityMother Warns Carjackers To Leave Her Children Alone, Makes Brave Move When They Ignore Her…

When a Florida mom Angie Padron, was pumping gas at a Tom Thumb gas station, she did not expect, to be put in a life or death situation.  She was with her two children when a pair of armed attackers pounded on and tried to enter her car. She was terrified when one of the men got into the driver’s seat.

That is when her maternal instincts kicked in.  Despite the fact, the men had weapons; she yanked the intruder out of her car. She not only ejected him but removed his face mask.  At that point, he and his accomplice made a mad dash for it. That is when the security cameras got a good shot of the carjackers.

The police were able to track the attackers down, along with the man driving them, and arrested them soon afterward.

Padron surprised herself but followed her instincts to do whatever she could to protect her children.


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