Husband Uses Black Magic Curse To Catch Cheating Wife; Lover’s Manhood Gets Stuck Inside Her

Black Magic isn’t something that gets a lot of attention or thought in the western world, but there are millions of people throughout the world who swear by the ancient laws of it. Be it Haitian voodoo or the rituals performed throughout Africa, you may not be convinced by its effectiveness, but you cannot deny its influence. But we have a story here for you that may just make you think about whether it can work or not…

It’s a story being reported throughout Kenya and beyond into the wider continent. A husband suspected his wife of adultery and decided to seek advice and help from a local witch doctor. This may sound extreme, but witch doctors are also like agony aunts in effect – they counsel people in all sorts of ways. On this occasion, something drastic was enacted – a curse was put upon the wife. If indeed she was cheating, the next time she made love to her lover, her husband would catch her in the act and the guy’s equipment would becomes stuck inside her…

And so it came to pass.

Black Magic

The husband returned home to catch his wife red handed. The two could not be separated. The husband was, apparently, given the power to break the spell by the witch doctor. But only agreed to do so after the man agreed to pay him damages… $205 to cover the shame and embarrassment! Which he, obviously, agreed to!


This crazy story in full:

Do we believe it? We’re not so sure… But either way – it’s a great story!

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