Incredible Shoe Tricks To Preserve Your Footwear And Save Your Toes From Pain

Everyone loves a new pair of shoes, but trying to break them in can be sheer agony. Once they are broken in however,  it’s not long before they are stinky and covered in scratches. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

1. Restore whiteness by rubbing toothpaste on your old shoes.
shoe tricks 1It doesn’t just whiten your teeth.

2. Clean leather with rubbing alcohol.
shoe tricks 2You won’t believe how dirty they were.

3. Freshen up your sneakers with baking soda.
shoe tricks 3It will give them that “brand new” smell once more.

4. Use a nail file to banish scratches.
shoe tricks 4They buff right out in no time.

5. Soak in a vinegar solution to get rid of bad smells.
shoe tricks 5A long soak in a solution of water and vinegar refreshes even the stinkiest kicks.

6. Shine patent leather with petroleum jelly.
shoe tricks 6They’ll gleam like diamonds.

7. Use cornmeal to absorb suede stains.
shoe tricks 7Water stain? What water stain?

8. Use a hair dryer to stretch out new shoes.
shoe tricks 8Don some woolly socks and “dry” your shoes to help form the leather to your feet.

9. Loosen too-tight shoes in the freezer.
shoe tricks 9Fill plastic bags with water and place them in your shoes. They will expand in the freezer, stretching your shoes to the ideal size.

10. Rub sandpaper on soles.
shoe tricks 10You’ll never slip and fall again!

11. Gel deodorant helps prevent blisters.
shoe tricks 11It prevents the rubbing and chafing that can cause blisters. Plus it smells nice!

12. Wearing heels? Tape your toes together.
shoe tricks 12It’s a nice trick to prevent foot pain.

13. Waterproof canvas shoes with beeswax.
shoe tricks 13Even the flimsiest shoes become leak proof.

14. Soak feet in tea to soothe blisters.
shoe tricks 14The anti-inflammatory properties in tea work magic on your footsies too.

If you struggle with wearing high heels tips like #12 are definitely worth checking out. 


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