Photographs That Look Like They Have Been Photoshopped But Are Frighteningly Real

These 16 photos might look like something that couldn’t be done without photoshop, the truth is they haven’t been edited at all!

1. A terrifying dust storm in Australia.
not photoshopped 1

2. That’s not a terribly misplaced cruise ship. It’s a South Korean hotel.
not photoshopped 2

3. French graffiti artist Tilt put his mark on half of this room, and left the other half entirely white.
not photoshopped 3

4. A big green ball of grass? Nope. It’s an optical illusion on perfectly flat pavement near Paris’s city hall.
not photoshopped 4

5. These trees look like they were cut from a perfectly straight line!
not photoshopped 5

6. Yes, a waterfall really can create a rainbow that spectacular.
not photoshopped 6

7. Walking on the reflective salt flats in Salar, Bolivia, must feel like an otherworldly experience.
not photoshopped 7

8. An earthquake did this to a set of railroad tracks in New Zealand.

not photoshopped 8

 9. This looks like it could be a little distracting.not photoshopped 9

10. This seemingly bottomless pit appeared in Guatemala in 2010.
not photoshopped 10

11. Whatever these fishermen in China are going through, it doesn’t look like water.
not photoshopped 11

12. The water here is so pure that the boat appears to float in midair.
not photoshopped 12

13. This is what happens when a Kansas tornado meets a rainbow.
not photoshopped 13

14. There are more than 400 of these mysteriously bent trees in Poland’s Crooked Forest.
not photoshopped 14

15. Someone made a wolf out of pipe cleaners.
not photoshopped 15

16. This Russian telephone pole looks like Photoshop magic, but it’s totally real!
not photoshopped 16
These images are like magic come to life. Who needs Photoshop when you have the real world?


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