Savages Mom RUINS Son In School After He Swears At Her In A Text Message!

A text conversation between a young guy and his mom is going mega viral at the moment and – when you see it – you’ll know why! The funny SMS exchange occurs while the dude is at school. He’s joking with his momma, asking her if she thinks ‘Hell’ is a swear word. He knows damn well (sorry, Mom) than she does. He’s just baiting her…

But the joke is soon on him. He doesn’t realize that his mother is quite the savage she really is. She then totally plays him and it’s all laid out in the text and MMS’ below. This is great.

“Is hell a curse word?” he asks her.

“It depends on how you are using it. It is in the Bible,” she replies.

Imgur user IFartMoreThanHim has screenshot all the images. And we see a kid called Tralenn try to prank his mom, but it quickly goes wrong for him. Check it out:

Funny Text Conversation Funny Text ConversationFunny Text ConversationFunny Text ConversationFunny Text ConversationFunny Text Conversation