Strange Photos That Will Make You Question Reality

1. A recently uncovered photo of Hitler during the First World War. Hitler had to cut his mustache to fit inside a gas mask.
weird photos 1

2. This is all one photo. No Photoshop used!
weird photos 2

3. Here’s what a soda bottle looks like before it’s filled with air.
weird photos 3

4. This is a “loaf” of glass that can be sliced. It’s made using a technique called murrine and was designed by artist Loren Stump. Each slice is valued at around $5,000.
weird photos 4

5. These coins aren’t glued together, they’re stacked.
weird photos 5

6. An eclipse during a sunset.
weird photos 6

7. Perfect cubes of pyrite.
weird photos 7

8. A child’s skull before all of the baby teeth fell out.
weird photos 8

9. A brick-laying machine.
weird photos 9

10. How a human sees versus how a cat sees.
weird photos 10

11. A piece of a meteorite found in China in 2000.
weird photos 11

12. A 3D-printed cast that heals bones faster than the traditional kind.
weird photos 12

13. A lenticular cloud.
weird photos 13

14. Marlon Brando before and after his Godfather makeup.
weird photos 14

15. The black swallower fish can eat things 10 times its own size.
weird photos 15

16. An artist’s rendering of Manhattan island circa 1609 and Manhattan in present day.
weird photos 16

17. The inside of a watch made by Patek Phillipe, maker of some of the finest watches in the world.
weird photos 17

18. A section of border between Mexico and the United States.
weird photos 18

19. An incredibly accurate CT scan from GE’s Revolution CT.
weird photos 19

20. An astonishingly geometric cabbage.
weird photos 20

21. 1 million pixels in one image. Every single pixel is a different color.
weird photos 21

22. The cross-section of an underwater cable.
weird photos 22

23. A shuttle launch as seen from the ISS.
weird photos 23There’s still so much cool stuff out there waiting to be discovered! What an incredible world we live in.


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