Struggling mom breaks down in front of her coworker, has no idea that’s the CEO in disguise

We’ve all heard some horrible boss stories, but not all bosses are the same, especially this one.

John Fuller, CEO of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, went undercover in Downey, California for the CBS television show, “Undercover Boss,” to gain insight on how he can improve productivity on the ground and also reward admirable employees, including Shift Supervisor, Deanna.

Transforming into a more casual appearance, Fuller took on a new identity as an employee named ‘Mick.’ When he arrived on the job, Mick noticeably had a difficult time adjusting to his new role as a barista, but Deanna was quick to alleviate the situation.

Source: CDN

During their time together, Deanna shared her health struggles with Mick, explaining that while she was taking care of her father with colon cancer, she, herself is currently fighting liver cancer. Deanna also expressed her gratefulness towards the coffeehouse company, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, as it has given her a stable career for 15 years, enabling her to provide for her two children.

She also credits the company to giving her a second chance at life, as she once had an issue with drugs. Yet despite her circumstances, Deanna still works with a bright smile and a positive attitude, stating that as a barista, when she makes others happy, she feels the same happiness in return.

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After dropping out of high school in 10th grade, Deanna never went back to school, solely focusing on her children. She says that while she has considered going back, she is completely focused on giving her children the best life possible, including saving up funds for their future college education.

After revealing his true identity, CEO John Fuller decided to help Deanna out in an incredible way, by providing her with money for both her expenses and her children’s education. Fuller granted Deanna $20,000 for her medical expenses, plus an additional $10,000 to complete her high school diploma.

Additionally, Fuller set aside $40,000 for her children’s college funds, which significantly relieves Deanna of her financial pressure. The opportunity to have both her children go to college is something Deanna had dreamed of, but never thought she would be able to give it to them.

Filled with tears in her eyes, Deanna said, “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me,” also admitting, “Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf saved my life, twice.”

Watch the emotional clip from the show below: