Teacup Poodle Is Everyone’s Best Friend In This Care Home For The Elderly

Every day, the Minnesota-based Lyngblomsten nursing home gets a visitor. Her name’s Nala and she comes in to see the old folk living there. She wanders the floors and rooms, paying people visits, checking in and seeing how everyone is. The weird thing? Nala is a tiny little teacup poodle! She’s never had a day’s ‘therapy dog’training, her caring nature just comes naturally to her. And it means the world to the people she visits…

Nala’s visits began when one day she came in with her owner, the home’s doctor, Doug Dawson. Since that day, she’s come back every day to visit her new friends and really perk up the place. As it says in this video, it’s Doug’s job is to dispense medicine, while Nala prescribes the affection.

This is wonderful. See for yourself: