Teen Has No Date To Prom, Then Mystery Guest Walks Out And She Runs Back To Mom In Tears

Maddie Morley, 16, always dreamed of going to prom ever since she was a little girl. But Maddie has autism and historically, children with special needs aren’t often included in such events. However, all that changed thanks to the Evening of Dreams, a Sacramento-based organization that provides magical nights for students with special needs.

During a school assembly, Maddie was caught off guard when an announcement rang over the speakers. “Maddie Thompson Morley, will you please come up here?”

Out from behind the curtain appeared Kooper Richardson, a popular senior and football player at Folsom High School. This amazing young man asked Maddie to the dance in front of the entire school — and he even gave up his senior class trip to Disneyland so he could enjoy their special night.

Source: Littlethings.com