The Number Of Selfie-Deaths Now Called “Killfies” Keeps Rising…

People on social networks are going to new heights for the best selfies. Unfortunately, this is leading to their demise in many cases.

Those who are living on the edge on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have attained internet prestige for pics and vids snapped on the edge of cliffs, at the very top of mountain peaks, or even at the very top of buildings.

There’s a genuine technique to the good photos, including excessive wide angles in the back of the individual which can immediately bring about a feeling of dizzyness.

selfie deaths

A couple of these selfie-takers have seen an unlucky result in the activity, and the amount of the “selfie deaths” only seems to be increasing.

Experts from the University of Carnegie Mellon researched more than 100 selfie fatalities attempting to develop a program to dissuade people from putting themselves in danger.

The venture began subsequent to a computer science student named Hemank Lamba became troubled by a recent story of a scholar’s demise while they were posing for a selfie.

Lamba stated, “Our group is always interested in working on topics and technologies that have a real-world impact on our society or culture, so we jumped in and started digging more into it.”

selfie deaths

The attention-grabbing study named “Me, Myself and My Killfie,” the crew evidently discovered as many as 120 fatalities from 2014 to the fall of 2016 that had been caused by individuals who had taken or were making an effort to take a selfie.

The amount of accidental deaths annually has gone up by fifteen in since just 2 years ago, to nearly 40 in 2015 to more than seventy as of 2016.

selfie deaths

The largest group of accidents took place in the country of India, with a massive seventy-six documented deaths. As soon as a young girl perished from drowning after taking a selfie near the water, authorities in Mumbai set up a listing of “no-selfie zones”.

selfie deaths

The following locations that were most dangerous for selfie deaths were the U.S. with 8, and Pakistan with 9.

selfie deaths

The majority of selfie fatalities were associated with individuals plummeting from tremendous heights. The next most widespread way of selfie-death was by drowning. The group’s research points out an instance in which several persons fell into the water and drowned after someone tipped a boat by leaning back too far trying to take a selfie.

Additional dangerous possibilities consist of getting run over by a train while trying to take a selfie too close to the tracks. Others include trying to take a selfie while gripping a weapon, for instance, a firearm, or getting way too near to wildlife that becomes threatened and then strikes the prospective photographer.

selfie deaths

Most selfie-takers have been younger than 25 years of age. Based on the study, males die more often than females even though they generally snap less overall. The study suggests, “men are more prone to taking dangerous selfies, and accounted for roughly 75.5 percent of all the casualties,”.

With a conclusive statement the study states, “With the growing trend of dangerous selfies, it becomes important to spread awareness of the inherent hazards associated with people risking their lives simply for the sake of recognition on a virtual forum”.

selfie deaths

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