These 11 Bizarre Uses For Drones Will Make You Want To Stay Inside

Drones were by far the hottest Christmas gift trend in 2014. While giving people personal robots might seem odd, there are more practical uses for personal drones these days. However, some drone owners are using their robotic companions in odd ways that don’t involve recording a simple aerial shot. You’ll never believe the things drones are doing now. Some of them will make you want to stay inside for a bit…

1. Bottle Service

Bottle Service


Some of the hippest clubs in Las Vegas delivery champagne to you via drone.

2. Proposals

Is there a better way to propose to your loved one than having a robot do it for you? Probably, but who cares?

3. Flowers

FlowerDeliveryExpress had its own flower delivery service via drones. Eventually, the operation was shut down because, well, because of the drones.

4. Medicine

A San Francisco based company known as Quiqui plans to start delivering prescription medications to those in need.

5. Cake

The Chinese government shut down a drone cake delivery service before it went mainstream.

6. Sushi

Imagine having your fresh sushi delivered to you via a drone. This is the future.

7. Burritos

A company called Burrito Bomber has plans to create a drone food delivery service. I hope you like Mexican food!

8. Government Documents

In Dubai, the government is trusting drones to carry sensitive government documents to where they need to go. Sounds kind of risky to me.

9. Laundry

This would be perfect for the lazy people who don’t want to go to the dry cleaners to pick up their fresh laundry.

10. Grills

A company in Atlanta has tested drones for grill delivery, which met with some success.

11. Pizza

Now this sounds like the most practical use of a drone. Pizza delivery in Mumbai is about to be taken over by drones.

I used to be scared of drones, but I don’t think I can be anymore if they deliver pizza. Or burritos. Or dry cleaning. Heck, let drones take over. I, for one, welcome our new drone overlords.