These 14 Simple Hacks Might Just Save Your Life Someday

There are hacks for just about anything these days. From making your food better to cleaning your house faster…there are probably hacks for those. Most of these are forgotten just about as fast as they’re learned. Today, though, we have some exceptions.

These are perhaps the most intriguing life saving hacks you’ll ever come across. And they are things you should never, ever forget.

1. Most cell phones can dial 911 without a SIM card or service.

2. Scientists use Calvin Klein’s Obsession perfume to attack cheetahs, lions, and tigers in the wild. So if you’re wearing it, you may not be eaten!

3. Coconut water still in the husk can be a substitute for saline if you need to get someone an IV, stat.

4. Predict the weather with a cup of coffee. High atmospheric pressure affects the bubbles in your coffee, so if there are bubbles in the center of the cup, expect rain or stormy weather.

5. If you’re a pedestrian or cyclist, make sure to learn precisely where the driver’s blind spots are.

There are more than you may think.

6. These canes, often seen in swampy and water-logged areas, have edible roots and can provide food if you are hungry and lost.

7. The #1 cause of death in household fires is the smoke and not the fire. Keep low to the ground.

Otherwise, you may pass out from smoke inhalation and die in the fire.

8. If stabbed with a knife (or other object), don’t EVER take it out on your own. It is holding some blood vessels closed.

If you remove it without a doctor present, you could bleed out.

9. If you’re a man, pee on a pregnancy stick. If it comes up positive, you might have testicular cancer.

This famously only happened once, but it’s cheap and easy to try.

10. If you see a photo of a child with a reflection or red-eye in ONLY one eye, it could be a sign of retinoblastoma (a type of eye cancer).

11. If you’re caught in a rip tide, don’t swim to shore. Instead, swim perpendicular to the shore until you’re out of the current. Then, you can swim in.

Otherwise, you’ll be swimming against the current and could tire yourself out.

12. If you’re hurt in a public place, avoid the “diffusion of responsibility” and call out for help to a specific person. If singled out, the “bystander effect” won’t stop strangers from helping you.

Otherwise, people might assume you will be just helped by someone else.

13. To time yourself during CPR, thrust to the beat of Stayin’ Alive.

Johnston Health

14. If stranded at sea, and wearing jeans, turn them into a floatation device by doing THIS…

Bill Burke

(via Unbelievable Facts)

These tips might seem a little outlandish, but if you’re ever in a serious situation, they could save your life.

The more you know!

The more you know!