What Police Officers In Peru Are Doing For Stray Animals Will Have You Cheering

An incredible group of female officers from Peru’s traffic division have dedicated themselves to saving the lives of abandoned animals found on the streets.

Known as Esquadron Orejitas, or “Little Ears Squad,” the women use their own personal funds to finance rescues for the cuties they find and provide them a second chance at the happy life they deserve.

This is the initial group of traffic officers, but the special team has now doubled in size.

The team is led by General Javier Avalos, and he says that each officer is fully trained in the unique challenges they’ll face while canvasing the capital city, Lima.

The organization also has a hotline for residents to alert the officers to any case they might have missed.

The squad has earned plenty of attention for their life-saving mission since starting earlier this year.

Locals have dubbed the organization the “most respectable squad in Peru.”

Each rescue is first taken to the closest veterinarian where they are given treatment for their wounds and are often also sterilized.

Once it has been cleared for good health, the unit puts the rescued animal up for adoption.

So far this year, they’ve helped find forever homes for 60 stray cats and dogs.

(via ITV)

Thank goodness they’ve stepped up for these poor animals. You can find more photos and stay tuned for more incredible stories over on the team’s Facebook page. I’m sure this is just the beginning for these heroic officers.