When People Realize What These Mesmerizing Sculptures Are Made Of, They Lose Their Minds!

Artists see possibility everywhere – that’s what makes art so special. But while most artists are content using brushes and easels, others have made it their specialty to transform commonplace, everyday items into something truly exceptional.


When Jennifer Maestre walks into a Staples, she doesn’t see office supplies, she sees art waiting to be made.

Sculptor Jennifer Maestre was born in South Africa and now lives in Boston, Massachusetts.


Other artists might work in clay or marble, but Jennifer uses a very different medium to create her colorful pieces of art.

She uses… pencils!

She was inspired by the look-but-don’t-touch appearance of the sea urchin.

She cuts the pencils into one inch segments and then lets her imagination go wild.

How can something so sharp look so cute?

As long as she’s got a supply of colored pencil to work with, Jennifer will never stop creating.

Add a strap to this and you have a high-fashion purse.

You can imagine a little fish making this coral his home.


Each piece takes month to perfect, but the finished product is absolutely worth it!

Source : Boredomtherapy.com