When These Kids Entered The Stage, The Judges Had No Idea They’d Be Doing This!

Those us who have watched America’s Got Talent know that the majority of people who audition suck. Badly. So when any act gets up on stage, most of us are a bit cynical about whether or not they’ll be any good.

Step forward Yasha and Daniela. The pair are dancers. They’re also young children! However, they are a bit different from your average ten year olds. Daniela is loud and sassy, Yasha quiet and thoughtful. But the chemistry between them is amazing!

Not only that, they are also incredible dancers. Their breathtaking routine, to a medley of hits, wows both the audience and the judges, who cannot believe that they are watching two young children bust out such outrageous moves! They bring the house down, and by the end everyone is on their feet.