When This New Born Baby Starts Crying, Watch What The Elder Sister Does!

There are times when we look back to reflect on our childhood days. This video reminds us of the same period of our life.

The love, adoration, and sweetness portrayed by these children would make anyone feel warm and emotional.

Have a look.

Moments like these make people believe in unconditional love.

 Parents often wonder how their elder children will react to their newborn baby. But this elder sister’s singing a song to calm her newborn sibling moved their mother to tears.

In this video, a little boy and girl are shown peeping into the bassinet while welcoming their new baby brother.

When the baby started crying, they were little confused. They thought that the child must be hungry or annoyed at being put in the crib. Unlike other kids, they didn’t flinch or get annoyed with the sound of a crying baby.

The little girl sang the song, `Baby Mine’…

On their mother’s suggestion, the little girl sang this song so lovingly that the baby calmed down.

This little girl is going to be an amazing elder sister!

In the end, the girl gave her soft toy to the baby for comfort. That moment was precious. The mother was deeply touched.

All parents want their children to get along well.

The mother was assured that the days ahead will be filled with more love, affection and sweetness in the family.

Here is the full video.