Woman Bursts Into Laughter In The Middle Of Court When Judge Reads Her Parking Ticket Out Loud

As any driver can testify, getting a ticket for even the most minor traffic or parking violation isn’t fun. Sometimes we get issued fines for a tiny error in judgment we don’t believe should cost us what is sometimes hundreds of dollars!

But one woman in Rhode Island can certainly make a case for getting the most absurd parking ticket we’ve ever heard of. On Caught in Providence, a cameraman caught her in court, challenging the ticket.

She rises as the judge reads the violation out loud, interrupting himself mid-sentence, saying “oh no.”

The driver parked in a space two minutes before it was legal. Her ticket was issued barely a minute before the clock struck 10, when she would then be allowed to park a car in that space. In her defense, she says her car’s clock read 10 before she was handed the ticket!

Source: Littlethings.com