Woman Spots Child Sitting In The Middle Of The Road At Night. Then Immediately Fled The Scene.

Beware! There are schemes and tricks out there that may get you into trouble. You think you are just being helpful – but you are actually being fooled and taken advantage of. A North Carolina woman was driving along a dark road when she saw what looked like a toddler sitting in the road.


The woman, 33, was on her way home from work and it was 1:30 am. But what she was wasn’t a real person it was a dummy that two carjackers were using as bait. Of course, most of us would try to help a child in need, right? Perfect bait.

The woman stopped her car. Just as she did two men wearing all black clothing ran up to her car and tried to open her car doors. Luckily the doors were locked. The woman sped away.

 Unfortunate the police have not been able to find the two carjackers, but the dummy they used as bait has been recovered. Police are now telling all motorists to be sure that they lock their car doors.

Most newer cars will automatically lock all the doors – but don’t be complacent. Be sure the doors are locked. Before you jump out of your car, check the surrounding area. You have to be very careful. Police are also warning motorists about strangers who approach your car.

If a stranger ever approaches your car, you should never get out. Please share this story and the advice given out by law enforcement to all your family and friends.